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11655 W. Executive Dr.
Meridian, ID 83642
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Impact Guns is located in Meridian, ID at 11655 W. Executive Dr..

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10 / 18 / 2010

As a Military Veteran, former Police Officer, Husband, and Father, I know the importance of knowing how to handle a firearm safely and properly. I believe that it is very important to teach these skills to my family so that they not only have the proper respect for, but the ability to use a firearm should the need ever arise. I have found that Impact Guns is the BEST place to accomplish this! They have a great indoor range facility, friendly and knowledgable staff, great prices, all combining to make for an enjoyable family experience that my children have asked to repeat over and over again! I highly recommend Impact Guns in Ogden to one and all...

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10 / 09 / 2010

I took their concealed carry class. The instructor was fun and told us humorous stories, and at the same time he taught us about handling guns and the laws we needed to know in order to have a concealed carry license. The class was great! I would recommend it to anyone.Also, I love their ladies nights on Tuesday evenings! I think everyone needs to be able to handle a gun properly and be able to defend themselves. It's a great way to spend your time and it's fun too. Everyone there is helpful and kind. It's a great store! You'll love it!

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10 / 09 / 2010

I love this place. They have nice staff that really know their stuff and are extremely helpful. They have a great shooting range that is fun and a safe way to practice shooting. They have a great selection and let you try out different guns before you decide to buy them. I would definately recommend this place!

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09 / 22 / 2010

Impact Guns, or as I know them best, is a great store. They have a huge selection and have good, real-world, competitive prices. What really sets them apart from other stores, however, is their service. Recently they joined Facebook, and have been giving away really cool prizes, I won a Ruger LCP .380! Their shipping was fast; it arrived at my local store in only two days, and the staff I talked to on the phone were professional and very friendly. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with their cool giveaways (don't know of any other store that does these, especially with valuable firearms!) and it also reflects their very pro- Second Amendment views, which is important because not every store goes this extra step. I would urge any consumer to take a look at their website or their Facebook page ( From my experience, everyone at this store is a real "straight shooter" and I won't hesitate to shop here in the future.

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09 / 21 / 2010

My brother is in the marine core and they guy i deal with at impact is a Marine. I usualy stick to dealing with people who have first hand experience, integrity, and will be straight up with you. I have never felt like i have been dealing with a sales person at impact which you experience at 99% of gun shops. they will tell you what you want to hear. People get a distorted mentality about the price they think they can get quality firearms for and complain about prices and such but from experience Impact is the way to go and I live out of state.

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08 / 24 / 2012

This is the place I typically go to try out new weapons or use their in-door range. Every time I have been in the store, the associates have all been very helpful, but not pushy. This is something I appreciate as I do not enjoy getting "preached at" when I am trying to gather information for a future purchase. My wife and I are also set to take a class from this site and we are both looking forward to that experience too. Overall, I plan on using this provider to the fullest extent.

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08 / 16 / 2012

I understand this place has a bad rap on here, but I've been in several times to buy guns, transfer FFL licenses as well as shoot and I've never encountered any of the issues people have complained about. All the staff I dealt with were friendly and knowledgable, none of the stereotypical gun store attitude or political BS was encountered. Their online store is great and I've had very good service from the folks down in Utah. The indoor range is a little cramped but serviceable, I do all my serious shooting outdoors anyhow but for sighting in or popping off a few rounds I think it's just fine. Maybe there's been a change in management, maybe I got lucky, but until I experience otherwise I'd definitely recommend these guys.

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07 / 29 / 2012

Customer service problems coming from management more than anyone else. If you are willing to spend money in a place where people act like they are paying you to shop there and act as if you are a bother then this is the place for you.

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10 / 23 / 2011

Management problem... I've gone in there (and shot) off and on over the years (much more "off" than "on" for the following, obvious reasons), and have seen a continual deterioration in customer service and cleanliness of the range. The one employee who was worth a damn was the assistant manager (named Erin), who they terminated because she "made too much money" (as one employee told me), and yet they have (or had, as I haven't seen him in a while) an employee with a mohawk, who was rude as hell to customers. All the problems in that place point to a severe management problem, but I don't know if it's Ryan's fault (the store manager), or if it's the management/ownership's (down in Utah) fault (probably a bit of both), but that place is a mess, in so many ways. Also, its hours of operation are terrible (try going by there in the evening, or on any Sunday). It really needs to be closed down and replaced by a better outfit.I've posted this review on a couple of other sites as well, because I feel it's important to get the word out (and maybe the owners will implement some changes).

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01 / 17 / 2011

Normally I would try to describe my experience accurately. However, in this case, my experience at their shooting range was so bad it was surreal. Staff honesty, staff accuracy, staff in-your-face attitude, staff communication, staff professionalism, etc. All were so bad it's really not worth detailing. Go someplace else. Or open your own shooting range next door. You won't have any competition.

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09 / 22 / 2010 has a great selection. I had a firearm shipped down to my local FFL. The employees I talked to on the phone were all very polite and professional, and already had the FFL dealer's information in their computer; I didn't even have to send them up the info. The firearm arrived quickly and as described. I would do business with Impact again.